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Apr. 17th, 2008 @ 03:40 pm almost an apology

I would like to applgise for my batant outrage at other... namely my friends who  read my live journal.  Although my anger was aimed directly at you, I can not go without blame.  Dah!  I practically published my thoughts and then got mad when readers joined up to see about my recent life findings.  For one of my findings is that I only write when something new prompts me to.  And yet when friends do read this I become upset?!  I must explain my reasoning.  So far... this 'journal' was only permitted to be a jouranl as long as it stayed quiet.  I never expected anyone else to read it, and also eplains why I have not listed any intreests.  But when friends found me out I never thought to deny them access to my world.  I figured that eventually life would take me to different parts of the world and Live Jouranl would permit me to stay in contact with them  as a lagitimate friendship time, for the fact that close friend could aways know what major things and issues where happening.  A little novel to a friends life, instead of mutiple hours of pfone conversations which piss me off due to time requirements.

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